Gidi Schiacciata
 Source: As dictated by “Nannie” Ferlita

Makes about 40 pieces


2 frozen dough loaves (prepare the night before)
4 cloves garlic (pressed)
1 bunch of gidi (Swiss chard)
Extra virgin olive oil
Imported Romano cheese (grated)
Pam (cooking spray)


Defrost the frozen bread dough overnight in the refrigerator.  (If the package contains more than two loaves separate before defrosting, but use original store bag to defrost the loaves, then wrap back with remaining frozen loaves.

The following day use cooking spray (Pam) to coat two bread loaf pans.  Place the dough upside down and spray with cooking spray.  Cover with plastic wrap or cover with a towel then place in a cool oven or draft free area.  Let rise until more than double in size.

While the dough is rising begin preparing the gidi.  Cut the stems off the Gidi (retain for other recipes) then wash until all the sand is removed.  Be gentle to avoid bruising the leaves.  Washing may require 3 to 4 wash cycles.  The leaves must be completely dried before proceeding with the final steps.

First use a salad spinner to remove excessive water.  For the final drying prep a counter top with a large thick towel with paper towel covering the top.  Arrange the gidi without overlapping leaves.  Lay a second towel over the leaves and gently roll all towels and Gidi from a small end of the towel to remove additional water.  Then unroll and remove the top towel and allow to air dry completely.

Once the Gidi is dry cut off the remaining leaf stems.  Par-boiling the cut up stems and mix with a Bisquick batter, garlic powder, onion powder, eggs, and a little milk to make a thick batter.batter to pan fry and drop into the sauce).  Good Sicilians should never throw away good food!

Just before dough finishes to rise, place Gidi on a cutting board and roll leaves and slice, then cut crossway.  Set leaves in a large bowl.  Mix a small amount of salt and pepper (or Season All).  Start with a hand full of grated Romano cheese and add a small amount of olive oil to coat Gidi (use lightly).

Once the dough is ready, use a jellyroll pan (10-1/2 x 15-1/2-inch) and coat with Crisco evenly on sides and bottom (do not use olive oil or cooking spray).  Place one of the two loaves of dough in the pan and work to all edges until even thickness of dough is obtained.

Place layers of the seasoned Gidi mixture on the dough and mount thick, but retain about 1 to 1-1/2-inch from edge of dough without mixture.

Prepare the second loaf of dough.  Prepare a counter area with plastic wrap and work loaf into a similar shape as the shape of the pan.  Transfer over the Gidi mixture and seal edges by rolling all sides (start from one end and work continuously around).  Season the top of the dough by pressing 4 garlic cloves and rub evenly over the top.  Sprinkle a small amount of oregano over the top.  Generously cover with Romano cheese and drizzle olive oil over the entire top.

Let rise for about 20-30 minutes (away from drafts and A/C grilles). 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Bake about 15 minutes, then rotate and cook an additional 5-10 minutes or until golden brown.  Remove the pizza while hot.  Loosen edges with spatula and slide onto a bakers rack to cool.

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